Industry Expertise

Blue Line Fabrication provides services to optimize your value chain so that you can focus on providing world-class products for your customers


Life Sciences

Health Care Delivery

Technology is rapidly evolving the health care industry.  We have provide deep expertise in Electronic Health Records and Laboratory Manufacturing to ensure that you are always following regulatory guidances such as HIPAA, CFR 21, and GMP.

Quality Management Systems

Quality is at the core of any Life Sciences organization.  We have helped organizations to design and implement business processes and to select and implement appropriate technologies to help them achieve successful QMS programs.



Business to Consumer

Blue Line has helped companies to implement enterprise systems to support their B2C processes.  We ensure that CRM solutions can work in a B2C world.



We ensure your supply chain is tightly coupled with your business strategy. We help you eliminate silos by implementing an integrated solution that provides visibility across finance, sales & marketing, product development, and operations.




We help Non-Profits become successful with technology quickly and efficiently. Blue Line has transformed non-profit Fundraising and Event Management, away from spreadsheets and pen & paper to modern platforms such as Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack.


Our implementation approach ensures that technology does not become the journey so that you can focus on maximizing your Program delivery.  We help you find simple solutions with technology that can help your organization can deliver its services efficiently and effectively.